Good Karma Decor is a sustainable artisanal luxury bohemian & tribal decor brand curated of soulful handmade treasures from different cultures around the world. The inspiration and ethos behind the brand is to preserve and celebrate culture, support local artisans and empower the evolution of traditional techniques, all while being conscious of our planet.  

Working closely with artisans communities around the world, Good Karma goodies are made by hand from natural materials using techniques thats been passed down for generations. We have deep reverence for ancestral craftsmanship. Traditional techniques are being washed out and erased by mass production, so we're bringing back the honor and respect for authentic handmade soulful art. Handmade is the NEW Luxury! Committed to the people and the planet we produce ethical, fair trade, in small batches and sometimes made to order. Elevate your home with Good Karma!

There’s Karma and then there’s Good Karma. Good Karma is intentional, deliberate, high vibrational, authentic and impactful. It feels good to your soul, it enhances your quality of life. Good Karma Decor is an experience!

Our first region was Indonesia. Our tribal necklaces are from the indigenous tribes of Papua, which are the black people of Indonesia. Many people don’t know about the Melanesians which literally translate to island of black people, but they have rich history and culture that we promote, celebrate and support. 

Most recently we have expanded to Brazil, more specifically Bahia, the Black Mecca of Brazil. Brazil has the biggest population of Black people outside of Africa, more than the US and UK. We're connecting with local artisans who still practice the techniques and traditions of their ancestors. Brazil is a interesting melting pot that mixes African Yoruba traditions with indigenous Indians and Portuguese which makes it a unique cultural blend unlike anywhere else in the world. We are excited to share handmade Brazilian treasures with our tribe.

Our tribe, our dream customers are purpose & soul driven. Culturally and spiritually conscious tastemakers and trendsetters, who desire to curate spaces that set moods and create vibes. As savvy conscious consumers our customers desire bold statement making, conversation starting pieces that catch the eye. They are cultural collectors who love unique, handmade, limited editions, global pieces that will add a feeling of luxury and culture to enrich their spaces. Because enhancing your space is a form of self care. Our customers know they deserve and are worthy of having the best of the best.