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Brazilian Hand Carved Wood Mask Large No.1


Hand carved by Brazilian artisans from salvaged, recovered, and upcycled antique Jequitiba wood. Jequitiba is considered a sustainable and environmentally-friendly wood species. It is harvested from sustainably managed forests, which helps to conserve biodiversity and prevent deforestation. Additionally, it is a fast-growing species, so it can be harvested in a relatively short period of time and replaced quickly. The wood is very durable and highly resistant to decay/rot, fungi and termite attack. It's also non-toxic and chemical-free, making it safe and an ideal choice for many applications.

Most recently we have expanded to Brazil, more specifically Bahia, the Black Mecca of Brazil. Brazil has the biggest population of Black people outside of Africa, more than the US and UK. We’re connecting with local artisans who still practice the techniques and traditions passed down from their ancestors. GKD is committed to supporting and preserving arts & culture of the African diaspora. Brazil is a unique melting pot that mixes African Yoruba with indigenous Indians and Portuguese which makes it a cultural blend unlike anywhere else in the world. We are excited to share handmade Brazilian treasures with our tribe.

Each mask is handmade so no two are exactly the same and may have slight variations



Length: 40cm / 16in

Width: 10cm / 4in

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